The 49 North Advantage


There is never a bad time to tell a compelling story. Day in, day out, good markets and bad, consistency is the key to placing a well-crafted, credible message with actionable, long term investors. Whether your organization's needs involve creating and controlling your message, developing a marketing plan, or consistently delivering your story to actionable investors, we will partner with you to get the job done.

We utilize a unified team approach to servicing our clients, and we bring the full weight of our firm's resources to bear in helping them reach their goals. From our front office staff, market developers and logistics teams, to your account executive and our senior partners, every single employee at our firm is incentivized, professionally and financially, to drive higher valuation, greater liquidity, and broader investor awareness for your company. 


Propagating your story within the investment community involves much more than simply reaching out to investors. It includes also reaching out to the opinion leaders who influence the investing public. Our team is constantly in search of new relationships in the media which we can leverage to push our clients' messages ever farther.


For developing international companies, it can be extremely frustrating to find reliable U.S. banking partners who will treat this year's small placement as they would next year's big deal. We have long shared that frustration with our issuers, and we spend a great deal of time developing and evaluating our own investment banking relationships to identify professionals we can trust to execute for our clients.


49 North conducts nationally-recognized, resource focused investor conferences in San Francisco and New York. Investor Conferences are an efficient tool for presenting your story to a broad audience in a single venue.

In addition to your presentation, our coordinators will work with you to schedule private one-on-one meetings with individual investors who have heard your story and wish to explore it further in a more direct setting. Typically on hand at our conferences are thought leaders from leading industry publications, as well as representatives of domestic and international securities markets.